The forums are up!

Thanks to the miracle that is bbPress, My Writing Network can now boast discussion forums as an integral part of our free offering to writers. A few preliminary forums have been added, but more are shortly to come. If you don’t see a forum you’d like to participate in, just shoot an email to and I’ll be happy to create one for you.

We’ve also got a Terms of Service agreement in place. This is important to help keep the community safe and welcoming for everyone. Inevitably, online groups experience growing pains as their numbers swell. The TOS is in place to protect you from unpleasant experiences, and to protect me from … whatever these things protect you from. Lawsuits, I guess. I dunno.

The big question people may have is: Who owns the rights to whatever I post on my MWN site? The answer is: You do, of course. MWN claims no copyright ownership of anything its members post, ever. Why, then, do we need the right to distribute it? Because technically, by allowing it to appear on the Reader (in your dashboard) as well as in other people’s browsers around the world, we are distributing it. Check out the TOS and let me know if you have any questions.

Author: Bill

Novelist, educator, and founder and owner of My Writing Network, the first WordPress multisite network built specifically for writers of all types.

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