Two Cool Things All Writers and Bloggers Should Know About

Thing 1: Micro.Blog

“Microblogging” is the term given to platforms like Twitter, where you emit a short string of characters, or Facebook, where you are allowed considerably more space but are still technically writing a shorter, or “micro”, piece. The problems with these platforms are many:

  • There are serious privacy concerns, since they give away your data to government intelligence agencies
  • Both are full of trolls and other jerks
  • If they ever go out of business, ALL the content you have provided for them will disappear forever

Enter Micro.Blog. This is a new service–so new it’s not actually up yet, but it will be soon–that will pull your microposts from your own website and post them on your wall. It’s an idea that’s so simple it’s brilliant, and it simultaneously solves a lot of problems and creates a lot of new opportunities. I plan on integrating Micro.Blog with MWN the instant it becomes possible to do so, so that members can choose to become a part of it if they want. Check out the Kickstarter page, and support if you can.

Thing 2: Using Patreon to Support Your Writing

Patreon is a great way for writers of all types to find supporters who will fund their creative endeavours. It had never occured to me to use it in this way, but I got an email from them today that showed me how some writers are absolutely killing it, while many others are making a more modest income (but hey, it’s an income) of several hundred to one or two thousand dollars a month. Believe me, that’s more than most writers are making these days. So if you’re a writer or a blogger, check them out and see if it’s a good fit for you.